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    Omar Sosa & Scott Price in NYC, February 2020

    Scott Price and Omar Sosa

    Otá Records

    Formed in 1996, Otá Records is an independent production company and record label based in Oakland, California, dedicated to the music of internationally acclaimed Cuban composer and pianist Omar Sosa. Otá Records has released 16 Omar Sosa CDs, including the groundbreaking Roots Trilogy: Free Roots (OTA1003 – 1997), Spirit of the Roots (OTA1005 – 1999), and Bembón (OTA1007 – March 2000).

    The Otá Records catalog includes four Omar Sosa solo piano CDs, Omar Omar(OTA1001 – 1997), Inside (OTA1006 – 1999), A New Life (OTA1011 – 2003), and Aleatoric EFX (OTA1013 – 2004), as well as a live duo recording with noted Bay Area percussionist John Santos, entitled Nfumbe (OTA1004), a live duo recording with Venezuelan percussionist Gustavo Ovalles, entitled Ayaguna (OTA1010 – 2003), and a studio duo recording with Los Angeles based percussionist Adam Rudolph, entitled Pictures of Soul (OTA1012 – 2004).

    Other recent releases include Prietos (OTA1008 – May 2001) and Sentir (OTA1009 – March 2002), which received both GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY nominations for Best Latin Jazz Album in 2002. New York Times jazz critic Ben Ratliff commented that “the term World Music has been around for a quite a while now, but nobody embodies it better than Omar Sosa” (January 15, 2002). More recent recordings include, Mulatos (OTA1014 – 2004), featuring Paquito D’Rivera, which also received a GRAMMY nomination for Best Latin Jazz Album, Ballads (OTA1015 – 2005), Mulatos Remix (OTA1016 – 2006), and Live à FIP (OTA1017 – 2006).

    Otá is a Yoruba word meaning stone, and refers to the stone icons used in the West African spiritual practice of Ifa. Otá Records is distributed in the United States by Harmonia Mundi (Burbank). Worldwide distribution contacts can be found by clicking here. For more information contact Scott Price at 510-339-3389 or email

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