CD Release of “Ayaguna” (OTA1010); “From Our Mother” Debut

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CD Release of “Ayaguna” (OTA1010); “From Our Mother” Debut

Omar Sosa’s next CD release on OTA Records, entitled Ayaguna (OTA1010), will
be in stores worldwide beginning February 2003. The live Duo recording
celebrates Omar’s collaboration with Venezuelan percussionist Gustavo
Ovalles. These two kindred spirits have been performing together since
1999, delighting audiences throughout Europe, Japan, and the United States
with their inspired musical chemistry and creativity. Please see below for
a listing of the Duo’s upcoming tour schedule in Europe.

Ayaguna was recorded at Motion Blue in Yokohama, Japan, the newest of the
Blue Note-run venues in that country, following a three-night engagement by
the Omar Sosa Octet at the Blue Note Tokyo in July of 2002. The intimate
duo setting allows Omar to exult freely and passionately at the piano
(inside and out), moving with ease from intensive groove patterns to
delicate, balladic modes of expression.

In addition, the performance is enhanced by the live interaction of the
Motion Blue sound engineer, who provides an undulating dimension of audio
effects throughout the concert. While the various sound effects interact
with the piano performance, the percussion accompaniment of Mr. Ovalles
provides a steady base for the aural feast. Mr. Ovalles is featured on a
number of interesting Venezuelan percussion instruments, including quitiplas
and culo’e puya, as well as congas, bongo, maracas, guiro, snare and
cymbals. An extraordinary synergy and sensitivity between the two musical
voices is evident throughout the recording.

The title, Ayaguna, is taken from Ifa, the religious practice of the Yoruba
culture of West Africa, and its New World offspring in Cuba (known as
Santeria). Ayaguna is one of the paths of Obatala, the diety of peace and
wisdom, albeit a path of Obatala as a young and fierce warrior, for whom
revolution is a necessary part of change and progress. Both Mr. Sosa and
Mr. Ovalles are “sons” of Obatala in their practice of Santeria, from which
they draw much inspiration.

Ayaguna concludes with an enhanced CD bonus track version of the ballad
Iyawo, featuring multi-media video production by London-based VJs Marc
Silver and Nick Hillel, collectively known as Yeast. The bonus track offers
an engaging glimpse into one of Mr. Sosa’s new directions for live
performance, in which the VJs sample, mix and project images onto a large
screen in synchronization with the music.

Omar Sosa’s previous CD, Sentir, received a Latin GRAMMY nomination for Best
Latin Jazz Album, as well as the award for Afro-Caribbean Jazz Album of the
Year from the Jazz Journalists Association in New York. For more
information, press kit, video, or interview, please contact

Omar Sosa tour dates in the United States will follow in our next


The Oakland East Bay Symphony (OEBS), led by Music Director and Conductor
Michael Morgan, will present the world premiere of Cuban composer and
pianist Omar Sosa’s first, full-length symphony, entitled From Our Mother.
The work, co-commissioned by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San
Francisco and the Oakland East Bay Symphony, will be performed on January
24, 2003 at 8:00 PM at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California. Also
on this, the second program of the Symphony’s 14th season, will be works by
Schreker, Tchaikovsky, and Saint Saens. Omar Sosa will present a free,
pre-performance talk beginning at 7:05 PM.

Maestro Morgan has long admired Sosa’s unique fusion of world music, jazz,
and folkloric instrumentation. “Sosa’s music is deeply spiritual,
rhythmically textured, and joyful. He is a musical adventurer, and I’m
thrilled OEBS will be joining him on this leg of the journey.”

>From Our Mother is an Afro-Symphonic work based on traditional folk melodies
and rhythms from Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, and West Africa. The concept of
the three-movement work is to interpret these traditional folk materials
with modern jazz harmonies using a classical symphony orchestra and combined
folkloric ensemble. Sosa’s premise is that the varied musical elements of
the cultures of the African Diaspora are united by common roots. From Our
Mother is a reflection of Sosa’s search for this underlying unity of musical

For tickets, please visit or click:


Duo – January 3 – 19th Annual Int’l Jazz Festival – Munster, Germany***
Trio – January 30 – L’Atelier Volant – Lausanne, Switzerland
Trio – January 31 – Moods – Zurich, Switzerland
Duo – February 1 – La Cave a Musique – Macon, France
Duo – February 4 – CC JJ Rousseau – Seyssinet, France
Duo – February 5 – Les Trinitaires – Metz, France
Duo – February 6 – Le Chabada – Angers, France
Duo – February 7 – Le Noctambule – Albi, France
Duo – February 8 – Barbican – London, England
Duo – February 14 – Clamores – Madrid, Spain
Duo – February 15 – Clamores – Madrid, Spain
Trio – February 21 – Croydon Clock Tower – London, England
Trio – February 27 – Espace Senghor – Brussels, Belgium
Duo – March 8 – 6 Festival de Jazz de la Universidad – Sevilla, Spain
Duo – March 14 – Theatre Municipal – Fontenay Le Comte
Trio – April 10 – Jazz Commercy, France

*All dates with Gustavo Ovalles (except January 3)

**Trio with Martha Galarraga

***Duo with Miguel “Anga” Diaz (January 3 only)

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